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Members with complex care needs account for a disproportionate amount of health care costs and utilization.


About ILS' Meals & Nutrition Support Services Program

ILS is one of the nation’s largest nutritional providers delivering high-quality dietician-designed meals to the elderly, special needs, and at-risk populations. Members receive dietary menus that are tailored to the health care needs of the recipient.

ILS meals help individuals achieve their nutrition goals at critical times to help them regain and maintain their health. The results include improved member health outcomes, lower hospital readmission rates, a well-maintained nutritional health status, and increased member satisfaction.

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ILS' Meals & Nutrition Program Offering includes:

Telehealth/Telephonic Nutrition Counseling

-Help prevent, treat and reverse illness

-Transform overall health

-Improve quality of life

Post-Discharge Nutrition

-Reduce readmission rate

-Faster recovery

-Improve health outcomes

Needs-Based Nutrition Support

-Address social determinants of health

-Reduce ER visits

-Improve overall health

Chronic Care Nutrition

-Lower chronic disease risk

-Slow disease progression

-Reduce disease symptoms

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