On Sunday, October 9th, 2011, more than 1,000 breast cancer survivors, their families, and others in support for the cure showed up in pink to the Save the Tata’s event in Miami’s mid-town area. The American Cancer Society’s Making Strides against Breast Cancer walk educates women and people in general about early detection, prevention, and raises money for life changing research and support groups. This year the event raised $195,818.60. As part of Independent Living Systems’ (ILS) commitment to the community we work in and our efforts in promoting healthy living, more than 30ILS employees participated in the walk. ILS raised a total of $2,092.40 through individual donations and corporate matching. I’m proud to be part of Miami’s community and even prouder of our staff’s efforts to transition ILS’ ideals into action said Nestor Plana, ILS’s CEO.

The mood was great and full of smiling faces chasing overly energized children, dressed in pink from head to toe. The most appealing moment for me was explaining to my husband that he was going to wear pink, and like it said Yolanda Castillo, VP of Health Services at ILS. Peggy O’Neill, ILS’ VP of Nutrition Services, was the champion for this event incorporating the 5K walk into ILS’ own Worksite Wellness program. It’s a two for one, we get the exercise and educate our staff all at once she said.

The 5k walk looped around the shopping center and high-rise apartments where spectators watched from their balconies and cheered on the crowd. ILS had wonderful participation from several departments including Nutrition, Care Management, Health Assessment, Account Services and Technology Services. We really came together to support this important cause said Scott Griesemer, ILS’ Chief Operations Officer. At ILS, our corporate vision takes action!