During the month of February “ designated as American Heart Month “ Independent Living Systems (ILS) highlights its home-delivered meals which are designed by licensed, registered dietitians to be nutritionally balanced and heart-healthy. A nutritionally balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and whole grains can result in better cholesterol, blood pressure and blood-sugar levels. Incorporating a healthy diet is one of the best weapons to fight cardiovascular disease.

As one of the nation’s leading nutritional providers, ILS delivers an average of 800,000, home-delivered meals per month to those recently discharged from a hospital or nursing home, suffering from a chronic disease, or living at home and unable to prepare meals.

Our meals, prepared in USDA inspected facilities, provide one-third of the recommended daily allowance of nutrients needed to maintain good health, ILS Director of Nutrition and Wellness Dalila Suazo said. Whether serving a person diagnosed with congestive heart failure that requires decreased saturated fat, cholesterol, trans fat and sodium in their diet, or a person simply looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, ILS meals are a convenient, delicious and nutritious option.

In addition to home-delivered meals, ILS offers nutrition counseling to enable individuals to understand the importance of proper nutrition and how following a healthy nutrition plan contributes to overall health. ILS dietitians assist individuals by establishing nutritional goals and tracking progress.

By receiving home-delivered meals and telephonic nutritional assessments, Ms. Suazo said, ILS members can more effectively establish and maintain dietary goals that result in a healthy heart.