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At Independent Living Systems, our comprehensive approach focuses on you and your needs because good health is more than your physical well-being.

Through your health plan, you may have access to the Enhanced Care Management program and Community Supports services provided by Independent Living Systems.

Independent Living Systems has partnered with health plans to provide services for CalAIM's Enhanced Care Management program and Community Supports services for eligible Medi-Cal members. These programs offer assistance to people with complex health and social issues in helping them get the care they need.

The Enhanced Care Management program guides eligible Medi-Cal members with their healthcare needs and related community services. When you enroll in the program, you are assigned a dedicated Care Manager at no cost to you.
Your dedicated Care Manager will help you:

Find doctors & specialists

Schedule appointments for health-related services

Obtain & manage medications

Coordinate rides for doctors' appointments

Apply to free or low-cost community-based services

Coordinate follow-up care after an ER or hospital stay

Get support for housing or medically nutritious food

Assistance with securing medical equipment

Our Health Plan Partners

Community Supports services helps eligible Medi-Cal members with housing assistance, medically nutritious food and other support services. These services are aimed towards assisting individuals and families whose health issues are a result of unstable housing. At no cost to you, a Housing Navigator will ensure you have secured safe housing.
The Cal-AIM Community Supports services we provide:

Housing Deposits

Assistance with identifying, coordinating, securing or funding one-time services towards establishing a household.

Housing Transition Navigation Services

Find and apply for housing, so you can get assistance with your rental process.

Housing Tenancy and Sustaining Services

Maintain secure housing, including help with life skills (such as budgeting and referrals for community resources).

Who qualifies for the Enhanced Care Management program & Community Supports services?

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*enrollment is based on meeting eligibility criteria

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