Mariela Fermin

Chief Strategy Officer

Mariela Fermin, Independent Living Systems Chief Strategy Officer, is responsible for development of the company’s’ strategic initiatives, product management, and revenue generation. Prior to becoming the company’s Strategy officer, Mariela led the company’s expansion in the Northeast as Senior Vice President of Market Operations and Strategy where she oversaw the development of multiple managed long-term care and integrated care programs for dual eligible populations as well as the company’s expansion of operations to New York, including the acquisition of Royal Healthcare.

Prior to joining ILS, Mariela served as Chief Operations Officer of AmeriGroup New York, a leading managed care plan that at the time served over 200,000 Medicaid, Medicare, and managed long-term care enrollees. While at AmeriGroup, she was responsible for the plan’s day to day operations and performance initiatives. Starting in early 1998, Mariela was a member of the leadership team at a hospital in New York, where she was responsible for payor contracting, physician’s relations, and management of the hospital’s managed care initiatives and administration which included a Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) established for risk and value-based contracting.


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