Care Delectables

Care Delectables is a division of Independent Living Systems (ILS), one of the nation’s largest providers of home-delivered meals and nutritional services.

Care-Delectables_Header_418x200ILS delivers 800,000 meals a month nationwide for those with chronic illnesses, and to those desiring the convenience of freshly prepared, healthy meals. Care Delectables offers the same meals for those seeking to support parents, relatives and friends that would benefit from the service.

Registered dietitians design Care Delectable menus that provide one-third of the USDA’s Recommended Daily Intake (RDI). Corporate chefs create the nutritionally balanced meals in USDA-inspected facilities, where they are flash frozen for freshness.

The dishes are delivered via second-day air freight 10 meals at a time in dry ice in specially designed packaging. Meals can be heated in a conventional oven or microwave by following easy-to-follow heating instructions.

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Care Delectables, Meals delivered to your door!

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