Dear Debra,

Shelley is our [ILS Care] Coordinator for our disabled son. When [our health plan] took over management of [our son’s Medicaid] related services, Shelley called us and setup our first meeting last year. Since then we’ve met a few more times and Shelley will call and follow-up in-between meetings.

I’ve been impressed by Shelly’s eagerness to provide us information about services. In addition, she is an excellent listener and will collect information from her client’s parents to add to her knowledge of services. I appreciate that when I ask Shelley about a possible new service for [our son], she will research it and get back to me promptly.

My wife and I have found Shelley to be an excellent addition to [our son’s] care-management team. We believe it’s really important to have someone like Shelley who can look across the plethora of services available to disabled [Medicaid] patients. I can tell you from personal experience that none of the agencies coordinate well or share information effectively with each other which is really a shame. So having a Service Coordinator is really important, especially to parents who are new to [Medicaid] and its associated services.

Shelley has obviously grasped this need and is attacking the problem with enthusiasm and compassion. In our last meeting with Shelley, I had asked her for her supervisor’s name so I could provide the feedback on the importance of the service that Shelley provides and her excellence at doing so.

Should you have any questions for me, feel free to contact me via email or at the numbers below.


[Father of ILS member]